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We at Backstage Competition have been spreading our love of dance for the past 10 years. Throughout the decade, we have continued to grow into a competition that is enjoyed by directors, dancers, and families alike. Our main goal has always been to have a fun, fair, and organized competition. Our regional competitions encompass a competitive yet friendly atmosphere, offering free master classes, free media packages, give aways, exciting award ceremonies, and a highly professional judging panel and staff. Every group routine at our regionals has the opportunity to compete for our famed six-foot trophy for the most entertaining routine of the competition. Our Nationals at Hershey Park offers a chance for families to enjoy the amenities, as well as participate in our original Color Wars and Ultimate Challenge.
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"This is my daughters first year in the competition team and we really had a great time at Backstage comp. the staff was very nice, helpful and fun!"


2020 Tour

Join us for our 10th Anniversary Celebration during our 2020 Tour.

Due to increasing safety and health concerns all March and April events have been postponed until further notice. All dates are subject to change at this time. We wish good health to everyone and we hope to see you all soon.

Nationals 2020

A fun filled week in Hershey Pennsylvania!


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